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Annie Tan, PBS, documentary, Asian Americans, Helen Zia, Vincent Chin, Lily Chin, interview, Asian American, AAPI, APAHM

Watch: PBS’ “Asian Americans”

NYC teacher/writer Annie Tan and activist/author Helen Zia talk about how important Vincent Chin is to Asian Americans. The 1982 murder of Vincent Chin by two white men in Detroit Michigan ignited a push for Asian American civil rights. (4:10)

Annie Tan, The New Republic, I’m Teaching From Home and Don’t Know How Long We Can Keep This Up, Headshot, Teacher, Teaching, Educator, Education

Read: The New Republic

“I’m Teaching From Home and Don’t Know How Long We Can Keep This Up”: My students are stressed, their families are sick, and teachers like me are trying to hold it all together.

Annie Tan, The Moth, Jason Falchook for the Moth, Storyteller, Storytelling,  The Moth Mainstage, Vincent Chin, Lily Chin

Listen: The Moth Radio Hour

“Remembering Vincent”: Annie Tan stokes the fire of her curiosity, but uncovers a dark moment in her family’s history. (11:05)

Annie Tan, Haruka Sakaguchi for the New York Times, Interview, Teacher, New York Times, SHSAT, Specialized High Schools, Brooklyn Tech, Screened, Admissions, Schools, Education

“And remotely, I can’t be the special education teacher that I need to be for them—it’s just not possible.”

The New Republic: “I’m Teaching From Home and Don’t Know How Long We Can Keep This Up” with Annie Tan (5/5/2020)

“My Chinatown will never be the same after this.”

Labor Notes: “Interview: Coronavirus Pandemic Inflames Anti-Asian Racism” with Annie Tan (4/6/2020)

Photo: Haruka Sakaguchi for the New York Times

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