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  • On the Shoulders of Giants.
    I first met Karen Lewis July 2013 as a new member of the Chicago Teachers Union and excitedly stood for the above photo. I met Corky Lee two summers later at NQAPIA 2015, where I nervously thanked him for taking iconic photos of the Vincent Chin case, which I’ve used to piece together family history.Continue reading “On the Shoulders of Giants.”
Speech at Rally Opposing an NYC Unsafe School Reopening, 8/20/20, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. Video by Josh Pacheco

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Listen: RISK!

“Allegiance”: Annie Tan has trouble connecting with her father across a language barrier and physical distance. (Feb. 1, 2021)

Annie Tan, PBS, documentary, Asian Americans, Helen Zia, Vincent Chin, Lily Chin, interview, Asian American, AAPI, APAHM

Watch: PBS’ “Asian Americans”

NYC teacher/writer Annie Tan and activist/author Helen Zia talk about how important Vincent Chin is to Asian Americans. The 1982 murder of Vincent Chin by two white men in Detroit Michigan ignited a push for Asian American civil rights. (May 12, 2020)

Read: The New Republic

“I’m a Teacher in New York. I’m Doing My Job by Fighting an Unsafe Reopening.” Teachers routinely go above and beyond the call of duty, but hastily reopening schools during a pandemic puts students, families, and all of us at risk. (August 5, 2020)

Annie Tan, Haruka Sakaguchi for the New York Times, Interview, Teacher, New York Times, SHSAT, Specialized High Schools, Brooklyn Tech, Screened, Admissions, Schools, Education

In order for my students to be in a better world and to be humans that will make this world better, I also have to be better. And that means I have to fight for them.

Columbia College Today, “Activist Annie Tan ’11 Is Speaking Up for Asian Americans” (Summer 2020)

“My Chinatown will never be the same after this.”

Labor Notes: “Interview: Coronavirus Pandemic Inflames Anti-Asian Racism” with Annie Tan (April 6, 2020)

Photo: Haruka Sakaguchi for New York Times

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