Moving Through the Loneliness of Writing My Memoir

My linguistic gap with my parents has created a loneliness I’ve felt powerless to traverse. I moved home to New York to be closer to them, and do get conversation time with them, but there’s a feeling that I’ll never fully break through, that I’ll never reach the kind of relationship I want with them.

Updates & Storytelling Events!

Hello friends! Since leaving teaching I’ve been memoir writing, applying to writing fellowships and residencies, workshopping parts of this book in storytelling spaces, and working on a book proposal to send out! It’s been an adjustment to build a writing routine and structure, but I feel good investing in myself. I’m excited to share upcomingContinue reading “Updates & Storytelling Events!”

Today I resigned from teaching.

The seeds of this email were planted on April 5th, 2020: “I, Annie Tan, am resigning from the DOE effective September 1st, 2022.”  April 5th, 2020 was when Kimarlee Nguyen died of COVID. Kimarlee’s death shook me to my core. Kimarlee was 33, the same age I am now, and was an Asian American writerContinue reading “Today I resigned from teaching.”

My Remarks on Vincent Chin’s Murder 40 Years Ago Today

Today, June 23rd, marks the 40th Anniversary of my cousin Vincent Chin dying from fatal wounds sustained June 19th, 1982. I spoke on behalf of my family this Sunday at the Vincent Chin 40th Anniversary Remembrance in Detroit. You can read my speech below, watch the livestreamed video of the ceremony at the 24:18 mark,Continue reading “My Remarks on Vincent Chin’s Murder 40 Years Ago Today”

My Statement on the “Hold Still, Vincent” Podcast:

In April, when Gemma Chan announced the “Hold Still, Vincent” podcast based on a screenplay by Johnny Ngo, Helen Zia and I waited patiently for an email or call about the story of Vincent Chin, my cousin, and Lily Chin, Vincent’s mother and my great-auntie. My family has been contacted by almost a dozen projectsContinue reading “My Statement on the “Hold Still, Vincent” Podcast:”

#31DaysIBPOC: Speaking Into Existence.

Many people have asked, in not-so-many-words, “Who are you to write a memoir?” I reply, “I’m writing the story I don’t see anywhere else. And, that I needed.” I’m honored to share, with the #31DaysIBPOC community and world, a draft memoir introduction I’ve been working on. Rest in power, George Floyd, one year ago today.Continue reading “#31DaysIBPOC: Speaking Into Existence.”

Send AAPI Love; Remembering Vincent Chin.

The Atlanta murders jarred us: I spoke with Michael Moore’s podcast yesterday on anti-Asian violence, my family’s legacy, and how to be positive/proactive and send AAPI love (donation links at the end of this post). Many too have asked, so below is the full transcript of my Moth story “Remembering Vincent” Chin. Thanks for listening/sharing.Continue reading “Send AAPI Love; Remembering Vincent Chin.”

3 Days Into NYC School Reopening and It’s Clear: Schools Are Not Safe

NYC schools staff have been back in classrooms this week without students and it’s clear: we’re not ready to reopen NYC schools. I wrote much of this statement on behalf of MORE-UFT: Movement of Rank-and-File Educators, a caucus of my teachers union UFT. The original statement can be found here. 3 Days Into NYC SchoolContinue reading “3 Days Into NYC School Reopening and It’s Clear: Schools Are Not Safe”